Wilfred Dresses

The Secret to Making a Perfect Fit Dress

Master tailor and industry leading Couturier Wilfred Dy has specially developed the workshop for all levels of sewers and professionals in the fashion industry. Will’s new and advanced method of drafting will address common issues relating to pattern making, garment fit and construction.

Students will be making a dress or bodice and skirt master pattern that will individually fit each figure without endless alterations. The master pattern can be easily altered and reused to fit a wide range  of sizes 28’ to 60’.

Open to ALL levels of experience. A master class in creating the Perfect Fit Pattern. Total 15 hours of instruction and 3 hours of open studio time.

Learn more about the Workshop in the upcoming FREE Info Session.

Special promotion $100 off regular price

Thursday Night

  • $100 off regular price
  • Start date: November 14
  • End date: December 19
  • 6:30pm – 9:30pm
  • Six 3 hour classes


  • $100 off regular price
  • Start date: November 17
  • End date: December 1
  • 9:30am – 4:00pm
  • Three 6.5 hour classes



Intro to Sew

A one time, three-hour class that can help anyone get comfortable using a sewing machine! In this class, students will learn how to thread the machine, basic sewing stitches, seam finishing techniques, marking and cutting fabric, cut out pattern pieces and gain the skills needed to create their very own, take home Market Bag! Sewing supplies, such as state of the art machines, rulers, pins, weights and fabric are provided to all students registered in our Intro to Sewing class. This course is a prerequisite for the adult beginner sewing class and includes a $30 credit towards more sewing classes.

Intro to Sew

  • ONE TIME 3 hour course.
  • Learn fundamental skills of using the sewing machine.
  •  Take home a one of a kind project at the end of the workshop.
  • Learn how to thread your machine.
  • Learn how to sew on the curve, pivot, and in very straight lines.
  • Experiment with various stitches, seam finishes, and fabric choices.


Adult Sewing

Beginner sewers will use La Movida’s own in-house developed patterns. This includes patterns for backpacks, hoodies, lounge pants, shorts, skirts and a simple dress! This is great for all entry-level to novice sewers as we can help you bring your skills to the next level! Students will learn how to read basic patterns, follow pattern instructions, make simple pattern alterations, layout and cut fabric, and learn basic garment construction with our state of the art sewing machines! 

Experienced sewers are welcome to bring their own patterns/projects or begin with one of ours. Build your foundation for all things sewing! Adult classes are ongoing, self paced, and offered weekly. Students can join at anytime!

Fabric costs not included in price.

Adult Sewing

  • SIX 2 hour classes.
  • Choose from 6 patterns, including backpacks, pants, shorts, skirts, hoodies, and dresses.
  • Build your foundation for all things sewing, learn how to read a pattern, how to lay out a pattern onto fabric, how to choose appropriate fabric.
  • Learn how to construct a garment including seam finishes, hemming buttons and buttonholes, sew a dart, insert a zipper, finish a elastic waistband, and create pockets.
  • Learn how to adjust a pattern to fit to create perfectly fitting garments.
  • *Previous sewing experience required.