Beginner sewers will use La Movida Design Studios’ own in-house developed patterns which include 6 tried and true designs that you can choose from:

backpacks, hoodies, lounge pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses

This is great for all entry-level to novice sewers as we can help you bring your skills to the next level!

Novice students can bring their own patterns/projects, or begin with some of ours. Build your foundation for all things sewing! This is an on-going class offered weekly with really fun sewing projects.

Intro to Sewing

  • ONE TIME 2.5 hour course
  • Learn fundamental skills of using the sewing machine
  •  Take home a one of a kind project at the end of the workshop.
  • Learn how to thread your machine
  • Learn how to sew on the curve, pivot, and in very straight lines
  • Experiment with various stitches, seam finishes, and fabric choices

Adult Sewing

  • SIX 2 hour classes
  • Choose from 6 patterns, including backpacks, pants, shorts, skirts, hoodies, and dresses
  • Build your foundation for all things sewing, learn how to read a pattern, how to lay out a pattern onto fabric, how to choose appropriate fabric,
  • Learn how to construct a garment including seam finishes, hemming buttons and buttonholes, sew a dart, insert a zipper, finish a elastic waistband, and create pockets
  • Learn how to adjust a pattern to fit to create perfectly fitting garments

Fashion Design & Portfolio

  • Classes for the budding fashion designer
  • Work on all aspects of the fashion and textile industry, with textile flats, pattern drafting, illustration, and much more!
  • Create a fashion portfolio and perfect your design skills
  • Six, 2 hour classes
* Our Adult Sewing & Fashion Designer Prep. Classes may be combined with the Intro to Sewing Class – get 7 classes for $325! *No adult classes during Spring Break/holidays.

Class Schedule