Sewing Parties

Birthday Parties and Private Sewing Workshops

We offer our creative studio space for groups to get together to do some bonding over sewing. We host birthday parties and private sewing workshops to get everyone together to learn new skills by making fun take-home project. Birthday parties may choose from 1 of 10 projects with all supplies included. For private group sewing workshops, please contact the studio for booking details.

Note: All participating students must be ages 8+.

$390 + Tax

What is Included:

  • Choice of 1 of 10 projects on the right
  • 2 hours of sewing
  • 30 mins allotted for refreshments provided by the party (Extra time is available for $50 per 30 mins)
  • Party of 8 total (Note: All guests must be 8+)
  • Extra $30 per additional guest after 8 (up to 10 students total)
  • Additional instructor required (extra $60) for a group of 10 or more (based on availability)
  • All fabrics and supplies included
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Monogram Pillows

Dimensions: 11″x 11″

Donut Stuffies

Dimensions: 9″x 9″

Dog Stuffies

Dimensions: 11″ x 10″

Cat Stuffies

Dimensions: 11″ x 10″

Koala Stuffies

Dimensions: 11″ x 10″

Panda Stuffies

Dimensions: 11″ x 10″

Elephant Stuffies

Dimensions: 11″ x 7″

Pig Stuffies

Dimensions: 10″ x 7″

Tote Bags

Dimensions: W:16″ x H:12.5″

Cutest Little Tote

Dimensions: W:9” x H:7” x D:3”

For parties of 8 or more, please contact the studio upon registration. Approval will be based on availability

kid's sewing classes

Private Workshop Information

$90 + Tax / Sewer

What is Included:

  • Minimum of 4 sewers
  • 3 hour sessions
  • Pick from one of many studio projects
  • Some supplies included (project permitting)
  • Extra time is available for $50 per 30 mins
  • Contact studio for booking details
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Birthday Party and Special Event Booking Information

Birthday Parties & Special Events are scheduled for 2.5 hours, with the last 30 minutes allotted for snacks and refreshments once the projects are finished.

As the timing is important to complete your selected project, please ensure that both you and your guests arrive on time. There are typically classes before our parties, so please keep in mind that 10 minutes in advance will be the earliest the studio will be available prior to your party. We will do our best to accommodate late comers, but would like to avoid this to encourage a wonderful experience at the studio. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate any guests that arrive 30 minutes after the party has started.

If you would like to make any changes to your booking, please let our staff know at least seven days prior and confirm the project of your selection.

Food and refreshments are to be provided by you, the host of the party. Food and refreshments can be served the last 30 minutes of the party. Please note that during the final 30 minutes, the instructor will be finalizing the projects, and cleaning up. During that time we do require the parent or host to be responsible for the guests and the refreshments.

Party cancellation policy Parties are non-refundable. If you cannot attend the date you booked please let us know 2 weeks ahead of time and we can reschedule at a later date within the next 12 months.

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