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Unleash Your Inner Designer: Vancouver Summer Camps at La Movida’s Kitsilano Sewing Studio

June 20, 2024
In the heart of Vancouver's vibrant Kitsilano neighborhood, a haven for budding fashionistas awaits: La Movida's Fashion Design and Sewing Camps. Nestled in their cozy sewing studio, these camps offer a one-of-a-kind summer experience for children, blending the art of fashion design with the joy of summer fun. Let's explore why Vancouver summer camps at…
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Empowering Sustainability: How ‘Overdressed’ Transformed My Relationship With Sewing

March 8, 2024
In a recent conversation with one of my after-school sewing students, a question emerged: “What’s your favorite book?” This student is an inquisitive 11-year-old reader
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Working With Rib Knit

February 29, 2024
We have a variety of different textures of rib knit here at the studio! They get used for everything from cuffs and collars of hoodies
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Essential Sewing Skills To Practice As A Beginner

June 3, 2023
Being a new sewist can be both scary and frustrating but sewing is such a rewarding skill to learn. We have taught learn to sew
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Sewing Tips To Be A Better Sewist

March 27, 2023
The Beginner Note to self: Remember we sew inside out (or right sides together) then turn the pretty side out (the right side) to hide
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How To Choose Your First Sewing Machine

December 15, 2022
La Movida’s Founder Laurie and Youth Sewing instructor Samantha share what their opinions are on what sewing machine to have as a beginner sewer. Buying
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