Youth After School Sewing Classes

youth after school sewing program

Sewing Classes for Kids 8 and up - Spring Term Registration

Our teaching method is a multi-sensory approach in a small class setting. Individuality and creativity is always encouraged and celebrated! No previous sewing experience necessary.

Students will learn how to choose the right fabric for their project, modify a pattern for a perfect fit, lay out their patterns, cut out fabric pieces, and how to construct a finished garment.

For more experienced young sewers, see our “Fashion Design” page under the “Youth” tab.

We will provide all students with thread, rulers, scissors, pins, and state of the art sewing machines. Fabric costs are NOT included and averages approximately $40-60. For convenience, students can purchase fabric from us at 20% off the retail price. Students are also welcome to bring their own fabric as long as it’s suitable for the project.

Note: $5 one-time registration fee applied for New Students.


Sewing Program Information

  • Youth Sewing Program suitable for kid’s ages 8+
  • All skill levels welcomed (No sewing experience required)
  • Ignite your child’s creativity and learn valuable skills in our fun-filled sewing classes
  • Learn to sew, make some new friends in a safe, fun, and educational environment
  • Garments will be customized to their measurements
  • We offer students the ability to make design choices
  • Students will get to choose from a curated selection of fabric that best express their style
  • 1 class per week (1.5 hour classes)
  • Industry-trained instructors

Skills & Techniques

  • Introduction: Learn the basics (straight stitch, zig zag stitch, pivoting, backstitching, seam allowance, etc) and safety of operating a sewing machine
  • Sew on practice sheets with guidelines to work on hand-eye-coordination
  • How to choose the right fabric for your project
  • Learn proper pattern layout to reduce fabric waste
  • Learn basic sewing terminology

Class 1: Learn how to thread and operate a sewing machine. Sew on practice sheets. Pick fabric and start on warm-up sewing project.

Class 2 & 3: Finish warm-up project. Go over fabric for the main sewing project. Learn about fabric selection and what type of fabric is suitable for the project. Work on design sheets.

Class 4: Learn how to layout your fabric, pattern placement, proper cutting techniques. Start cutting fabric.

Class 5: Finish cutting out project. Start sewing and construction.

Class 6 – Last Class: Sewing and construction. Bonus sewing project for students that finish their main project early.

Last Class: Tea party for the last 30 minutes of class! Students will play sewing Bingo and refreshments will be served.

  • Fabric costs are NOT included and the average cost is $40-60. For convenience, students can purchase fabric from us at 20% off the retail price. Students are also welcome to bring their own fabric as long as it’s suitable for the project.
  • Make-up classes are $15 per class (based on availability)
  • New Students are subject to a one-time $5 registration fee

What You Will Learn - Hair Bow, Rib Knit Tank Top, and Denim Jeans

Our projects are inspired by the latest fashion trends and we work with youth-specific sizing to draft all of our in-house patterns. We have a curated selection of fabric for students to choose from. In the spring term, students will start off with the hair bow warm-up project and then move on to designing and sewing their tank top and jeans. We encourage our students to be the designer by giving them options for design details.

Class Pricing

Class # of Classes Price No Class
11 Classes
No class on April 1st and May 20th
13 Classes
13 Classes
13 Classes
13 Classes
13 Classes
Make-up Class
1 Class
Based on Availability

Class Registration

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Fashion Illustration Program Information

Budding fashion designers can hone in their fashion illustration skills, one of the most important skill to becoming a fashion designer. Students will learn about body proportions, fabric rendering, drawing various clothing shapes and styles, working with professional illustration tools, and much more.

Students will have access to our large library of resources, such as take home worksheets for students to practice outside of class and improve their skills.

No drawing experience required!

Note: Returning students will learn more extensive and advanced skills.

Class 1: Working with a Fashion Croquis – Go over the fundamentals of illustration

Class 2: Body Proportion – Learn about drawing human proportions and how to fashion illustrations play with proportions 

Class 3: Head Shape – Learn about the basic head shape and the ratio of facial proportions

Class 4: Facial Features – Learn and practice drawing facial features. 

Class 5: Hair – How to implement hair into an illustration. Learn about different hair shapes and styles

Class 6: Hands – Learn the proportions of a hand and ways of simplifying a hand in an illustration

Class 7: Clothes – Learn about shapes and styles of clothing and how to draw them onto a croquis

Class 8: Fabric Rendering – Learn about various fabric prints and textures and how to draw them

Class 9: Illustration Tools – Learn how to work with markers, and other colouring supplies

Class 10: Fashion Drawing – Gain confidence in adding clothing and other details to a croquis to create a fashion drawing

  • Weekly classes (1.5 hour per class)
  • We recommend students enroll in consecutive classes (full program) to ensure success in learning how to draw, but students do have the option to enroll only in the class(es) that cover their area of interest
  • All supplies included
  • No drawing experience required
  • Returning students will learn more extensive and advanced skills.
  • Industry-trained instructors
  • Classes suitable for students 8+
  • New Students are subject to a one-time $5 registration fee

Class Registration

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