Essential Sewing Skills to practice as a Beginner

Being a new sewist can be both scary and frustrating but sewing is such a rewarding skill to learn. We have taught learn to sew classes for the past 10 years and have poured all that knowledge into making an at home sewing pattern that will teach you all the basic skills you need to … Read more

Sewing Tips To Be A Better Sewist

Photo of a sewing machine and text over top that reads "sewing tips to become a better sewist"

The Beginner Note to self: Remember we sew inside out (or right sides together) then turn the pretty  side out (the right side) to hide our seams on the inside. Don’t know where to start? Take a Beginner’s Sewing Class with us! Ready for More? Need some guidance? Join our Adult Sewing Level 1 Course! … Read more

How to Choose Your First Sewing Machine

La Movida’s Founder Laurie and Youth Sewing instructor Samantha share what their opinions are on what sewing machine to have as a beginner sewer. Buying your first sewing machine could be the best idea you ever had! Sewing is a helpful skill to have, it’s a great creative outlet that gives a sense of pride … Read more

Essential Sewing Tools for Beginner Sewist

Sewing tools

The holidays are right around the corner and we always get loads of questions about what every sewist should have for their home sewing studio. There are lots of tools that are useful and it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not familiar.  Here in the studio we teach everyone from first time sewist … Read more

Great Gifts to Sew for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner so it’s the perfect time to put your sewing lessons to the test! We’ve collected a few quick, thoughtful, and cool gifts a sewist of any level can create. Most of these gifts can be made with small amounts of fabric or you can use up some of you … Read more

A New look for our Adult Beginner Sewing Classes

3 sling tote bags and text that reads "the new sling tote!" and "including a downloadable pdf sewing pattern"

Our new intro sewing workshop and a free pdf sewing tutorial of our original tote! We are always striving to grow and keep with the trends here at La Movida! You may have noticed that our adult sewing courses have gotten special attention lately. We have been working on improving a lot of things, from … Read more

How to Sew your own Scrunchie with or without a Sewing Machine

Scrunchie sewing tutorial

Today I have a very special request from one of our youth sewing students! Presley has been asking for weeks for a rundown on how to make her very own Scrunchie. We have limited time in our youth classes as we plan out their projects and curriculum far in advance. While we won’t get a … Read more

What We Learned from Sewing 100 Raincoats

Title image "What we learned from sewing 100 raincoats"

Tips to Sew your own Raincoat for Rainy season in Vancouver Rainy season is here in Vancouver and with every season change comes sewing inspiration! Last Winter our youth after-school sewing students made their own raincoats. It was our first time teaching how to make raincoats in our youth class which meant it was a … Read more

Practicing sewing as a beginner

Sewing is a skill that is perfected over a lot of practice and one way we help others gain confidence behind the sewing machine is by using sewing on paper practice sheets. All the sewists who have been in our studio before have used one of these to get started during our learn to sew. … Read more

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